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Europe’s video game players


52% of the population between the ages of 6 and 64 plays video games


Player base increased by 6%

31.3 is the average age of a video game player in Europe

Women and video games


of European video game players are women

is the average age of women who play video games


of video games players are girls (6-15 years old)

Girls who play video games are 3 times more likely to pursue STEM career than girls who don’t

Responsible gameplay


of parents are aware of
PEGI age labels


of video game players are aware of PEGI age labels


of surveyed parents whose children spend money in-game have an agreement of some kind with their children about their level of spending.

European video games industry

Player base increased to 124.8 million players

Revenue split by source

Workforce and employment


What esports are worth

Esports revenue grows

Top selling games 2021

Video game genres


Fast-paced, full-throttle games that get your heart pumping.


Story-driven games that put you in charge of your own destiny.


Where you can drive without speed limits – or even a license.


Outsmart the competition and strategise your way to victory.


From golf to basketball, and everything in between.


For those who want a simple game they can play, win and enjoy in a shorter period of time.


Self- explanatory, and with far fewer consequences vs. IRL fighting.


For the thrillseekers that want to explore new (and familiar) worlds.


Defeat your enemies with your quick thinking and an even quicker trigger finger.


Games designed for the whole family to play together.

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