Video Games Europe Esports was launched in August 2019 to promote esports and represent its European stakeholders. Video Games Europe Esports will:

  • Bring together esports stakeholders to discuss and find common ground on issues affecting the sector
  • Coordinate and articulate the voice of esports at the highest levels
  • Raise awareness of esports and of the opportunities it offers amongst policy makers and other stakeholders
  • Encourage the exchange of views and intelligence, and the development of best practices
  • Identify challenges to the growth and development of the esports sector


Who are members of Video Games Europe Esports?

Activision Blizzard
Bandai Namco
Electronic Arts
Epic Games
Level Infinite
Riot Games
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Take 2 Interactive

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A message from our chairpersons

Video Games Europe Esports is a group that strives to promote the esports industry for the benefit of all its stakeholders and to provide a cohesive, reliable point of reference for this exciting sector.

Many of the video games played today in esports competitions have been developed and/or published by Video Games Europe members or by members of its national trade associations. With video games publishers, our games and our players at the very heart of esports, we are best-placed to lead the growth and development of this new frontier for the video games industry, to meet its challenges, promote esports, and to provide an authoritative voice on the issues impacting our businesses.

According to Newzoo, global esports revenues are expected to reach $1,598.2M in 2023.

Ian Mattingly

Chief Legal & Corporate Officer for Activision Blizzard EMEA and Chief Legal Officer of King

With the esports industry growing at such a fast rate, it is crucial that we publishers should bring to bear our many years of experience and, in particular, our rigorous standards for responsible gameplay for the overall good of the ecosystem and the protection of our players. Esports has revolutionised how consumers interact with sports, video games and online streaming platforms and we are committed to working with stakeholders across Europe to grow the potential of esports: for jobs and economic growth and the development of digital skills, to boost the flow of talent into this exciting sector, and to promote a fair, inclusive and diverse esports culture for all.
Alberto Guerrero

Director of Esports, Europe & MENA for Riot Games

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