WorldIPDay: Spotlight on Jill Anaparys and Rebecka Coutaz

This World Intellectual Property Day, we are highlighting two talented women from the video games industry, Jill Anaparys, Game Designer and User Experience (UX) Designer and Rebecka Coutaz, Vice Pres...

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What European Parliament’s resolution on esports and video games means for Europe and the sector itself

As Europe continues to move toward a more digital future, having the right talent, skills, innovation and growth are crucial to the region’s economic success. The video game industry represents one...

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A Better Internet for Kids: how Europe’s video games industry will use its decades of experience to help

In Brussels and in national governments around Europe, regulators are focused on making online spaces a safe place to be. Notably, there is a focus on keeping children safe online, especially in place...

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Are esports a sport?

Esports are leagues, competitive circuits, tournaments, or similar competitions in which individuals or teams play video games, for entertainment, prizes, ormoney, typically in front of spectators, ei...

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Could video games be a healthy medium to deal with mental health?

Personal feelings aside, here’s what science and thought leaders say on the matter.  Video games are a playful part of people’s lives. They have become an increasingly important medium for pe...

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Girls who play video games are three times more likely to pursue STEM careers than girls who don’t

With only half as many girls as boys are graduating with a STEM degree in the EU, although with huge variations across Member States, it feels particularly important to assess what specifically can be...

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Developing video games: What it takes and what it teaches us in return

The value of video games lies in their cultural and societal impact. To play is to engage in one of humankind’s most fundamental ways of learning and expressing oneself. And this is even more releva...

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[Video Games Europe PERSPECTIVE] Video games – a long history of commitment to protection of minors – it’s in our DNA

Every day is a safer internet day for video games companies whose adaptive tools help parents and caregivers take charge of safe video gameplay. 38 countries use PEGI, the ever-evolving pan-European...

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How video games help teachers teach. But wait, there’s more.

We live in an age where teachers are competing for their students’ attention more than ever before. Information is everywhere, and the struggle to keep students’ interest in learning is real. Some...

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[Video Games Europe PERSPECTIVE] Beyond COVID-19: Lessons from an unprecedented global challenge

​The Covid-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for every industry, and video games is no exception. As one of the fastest growing creative sectors in Europe, with 55% growth since 201...

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A perspective of Lidwine Sauer, Digital Trends and Insight at Ubisoft

In the week that the European Commission publishes its White Paper on AI, learn more about the exciting area of R&D in the video games industry.  This sector is the largest and fastest growing se...

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A perspective from Yoan Fanise, Artistic Director on “11-11: Memories Retold”

Yoan Fanise, the Creative Director on the game, tells Video Games Europe about the creative process behind “11-11: Memories Retold”. Released on 9 November 2018 at the occasion of the 100th anniv...

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