Talent drives our success

No other form of creative expression so uniquely combines technical and artistic disciplines in ways that allow audiences to actively participate in the story as that of video games.

Technology and creativity work hand-in-hand when developing a game, which is a unique, complex work to which a multitude of professions have contributed:

  • Coders: software programmers, engineers, data analysts…,
  • Game designers: lead designer, level designer, game writer, system designer, technical designer, user interface designer, creative directors, writer, scriptwriter,
  • Audio designers: performers, actors, producers of audiovisual and sound recordings.

This creative process is accompanied by non-creative roles bringing the games to market comprising publishers, community managers, accountants, marketing directors and quality assurance testers, to mention just a few.

Meet the creators

a perspective from Yoan Fanise

Yoan Fanise, the artistic director of 11-11: Memories Retold responds to Video Games Europe’s questions on how 11-11 came about and what spurred the creation of the game and its artistic choices

Game in Progress – The making of a video game

This documentary presented by S.E.L.L., the French member of Video Games Europe, will guide you through the various steps of the creation and production of a video game.

Game awards across Europe celebrate talent and creativity

Across Europe our members celebrate the incredible talent and creative process which lie behind the success of a video game.