Video Games increasingly provide important therapeutic treatments, for example for ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and neurorehabilitation after strokes. Numerous studies show how a regular use of video games can support chronic low back pain, or improve Visual Selective Attention after use. Complementing the therapeutic treatment, games can offer the support a patient might need to get healthier quicker and better.

In addition to improving physical health, our global survey report found that playing video games helps people get through difficult times in their lives, provides them with healthy outlets from everyday challenges and makes them feel happier. Video game players also universally look to video games for mental stimulation and stress relief.

We share some examples of how video games are improving the lives of people in Europe, and around the world.

The video game  I, Hope  is the story about of a young girl named Hope, whose town has been taken over by cancer. It supports children with cancer and brings positive and powerful elements into their lives. At a Video Games Europe event, Kenny Roy, the creator of the video game, presented “I, Hope” to European decision makers. The game is available in hospitals and the developer is donating all proceeds from the video games to the GameChanger Charity.


Power of Play

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I, Hope

Presentation by developer Kenny Roy