Esports encompass leagues, tournaments, and similar events where individuals or teams compete in a video game, often before an audience—either online or in person. This sector has become a significant part of the video games industry and represents innovative economic opportunities rooted in the licensing of the intellectual property (IP) of video games.

Esports also provide a platform for individuals to thrive in different spheres. Players forge communities, share diverse cultural experiences, and develop strategic thinking, teamwork, and other skills that can frequently be used in a professional setting. Ultimately, esports in themselves can become a professional career: professional players, content creators, commentators, coaches, and other specialists are increasingly harnessing the sector’s growth for not just entertainment, but as a legitimate career path.

€1 billion

is the global revenue of esports in 2021

92 million

people follows esports in Europe


of the esports audience in Europe are women

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