A strong policy framework that supports investment in creation is essential if games are to fully contribute to the EU’s digital ambitions, attract investment and drive innovation.

Copyright is fundamental to the video games industry and is the basis for the efficient and strong rights management that is its foundation. It also underpins the investment and work of talent in the release of new titles. For example, in Europe some 2,000+ new titles were released on consoles in 2017 along with millions of mobile games.

Copyright and its proper, balanced enforcement ensure that publishers’ IP is protected, particularly with the growing popularity of new forms of video game playing such as esports. Despite the industry’s efforts to give consumers access to digital content on a wide variety of devices at multiple price points, online infringement nevertheless persists in the form of infringing copies of games, downloadable content and even apps. This infringement continues to constitute a threat to the future of the industry and costs it countless lost sales every year.

A strong copyright framework has helped to reduce the level of video games piracy in Europe and has helped our industry to grow – this must be maintained both at EU and global level.