List of video games with education potential

As a teacher, it may be challenging to find a video game that can be used to support learning activities.

This page lists video games that can be used in the classroom. It also includes a Handbook for Teachers on how to use video games in the classroom, information on Games in Schools Massive Open Online Course as well as a link to already designed lesson plans for teachers.

Video Games by subjects

Don’t know where to start?

Check out our Handbook for Teachers intended for teachers interested in using video games in their classrooms. It contains useful resources such as different game genres, their key features, and their associated educational benefits, peer-reviewed lesson plans, articles, websites, and much more.

Additional Resources

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Games in Schools project

Led by European Schoolnet on behalf of Video Games Europe, Games in Schools is a project designed to train teachers and educators across Europe on how to use video games as pedagogical support in the classroom.

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Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

This MOOC for teachers will examine the opportunities and challenges of integrating video games into your teaching and learning and will provide practical examples of games and activities to use in your daily teaching practice.

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Lesson plans designed by teachers

As part of the MOOC, participants produced course work in the form of lesson plans incorporating ideas, pedagogical strategies and tools shared on the course. This work was first peer-assessed by other course participants and subsequently reviewed by an editorial board made up of a group of experienced and innovative teachers from across Europe.

European Study: How are digital games used in schools?

Between April 2008 and March 2009, more than 500 teachers, decision-makers and experts in 8 European countries were surveyed to understand how digital games are used in the classroom.

Games in Schools