Video Games Europe reply to the European Commission’s call for evidence: Initiative on virtual worlds: a head start towards the next technological transition

Executive Summary

  • The ‘metaverse’ is still a concept under development, with the existence of many competing visions. As a nascent, and still largely undefined technology, the ‘metaverse’ should be allowed to develop until everyone can arrive at a workable and consensual definition. Any attempt to define the ‘metaverse’ ex ante is premature.
  • Video Games Europe strongly supports measures designed to enhance digital skills education, support measures for the video games sector, and a multilateral approach to standardisation on the ‘metaverse’ at a global level.
  • The existing legal framework in the EU will already largely apply to the ‘metaverse’. ‘Virtual worlds’ are not a new phenomenon for the video games sector, and elements of these will likely feature within the ‘metaverse(s)’.
  • Interoperability faces substantial legal and technical hurdles, and should not be legally imposed at such an early stage.