2022 All About Video Games – European Key Facts

All about video games - European key facts and figures from the video games industry 2022.

In collaboration with European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), Video Games Europe (VGE) prepared the 2022 Key Facts about Europe's video games sector - focusing on culture, creativity and technology.

The publication covers various aspects of the video games industry in Europe, including:

  1. Europe's Video Game Players
    • 53% of the population aged 6-64 years old plays video games
    • 76% of video game players are 18 years or older (up to 64 years old)
    • 32 is the average age of a video game player in Europe
    • Number of video games player base grown by 1.4% from 2021 to 2022
  2. Europe's Industry
    • The revenue generated by the video games industry in 2022, in five key markets, is 24.5 billions
    • The video games industry employed 110,000 people in Europe in 2022
    • The video games industry employs people in roles including: arts, programming, design, production, quality assurance, audio, and others - a complex mix of talent and skilled professionals.
  3. Responsible Gameplay
    • PEGI rated +8,000 games in 2022
    • 67% of parents and 73% of video game players are aware of the PEGI age labels
    • Statistics on how parents and video game players rate the PEGI labels when it comes to: clear, useful trustworthy and influential
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