Today the video games sector in the Netherlands launched an awareness campaign directed towards parents on fun, safe and responsible gameplay


The campaign “Rule the Game” is launching today by Video Games Europe member NVPI Interactief. Video Games Europe and PEGI are partners of the campaign.

As video games have become an integral part of the life of our children and the internet has become an important playground, it brings with it a new set of challenges. Today NVPI Interactief unveiled new research results indicating that while 82 % of Dutch parents see advantages in playing video games, 73% of parents would like to have more insight into their teens’ video gaming habits.

70% of parents do indicate that they have sufficient control and understanding of the game behaviour of their child, but many parents have questions about how they can best deal with video gaming within the family.

The survey, commissioned by NVPI Interactief, covered a panel including more than 1,000 Dutch parents.

At this occasion, the website “” is launched to help parents engage with their children and enjoy video games as a fun activity for the whole family.

The website explains how to install parental controls and provides helpful information on the latest popular games. It also informs on PEGI ratings and contains useful tips and video testimonies about how to successfully integrate video games in our everyday lives.

Campaign website:

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