Press Release: Video Games drive innovation in Europe – A Force for Good


During a two-day exhibition in the European Parliament on 4-5 September, politicians across Europe discovered and experienced innovation in videogames and how these benefit society.The event, sponsored by members of the European Parliament, MEP Eva Maydell, MEP Eva Kaili and MEP Dr Christian Ehler, allowed visitors to try games and experience cutting-edge technologies such as mixed reality, virtual reality and learn about artificial intelligence for game development. Mr José Guirao, Spanish Minister for Culture and Sports attended the opening ceremony and said in his speech that the Spanish government will continue to support the development of the industry. Spain is one of the countries which are leading the European growth of the video game industry.

Eva Maydell, Member of the European Parliament said “gaming gives soft transferable skills such as role-playing, strategy and problem-solving. We must tackle the perceptions that gaming is only negative and distractive. We have clear examples that games can be helpful in education, health, science, technology.”

Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament said: “Europe can lead the video game sector. Their potential in health is unquestionable with the rise of serious games”.

Dr Christian Ehler, MEP said: “Video games are an amazing part of the European economy and bring innovation to society. I will strive for this to be reflected in the future Research & Innovation framework programme 2020- 2027 by asking for € 1 billion in support of the creative and cultural industry."

Philip Earl, Video Games Europe Chairman, concluded that “Europe is home to talented developers and publishers contributing to our exceptional growth and innovation capacity”.  “Over two days Europe’s politicians have had the opportunity to learn about the breadth of our sector. We hope that Europe will continue to support a good legislative and investment climate where small and large video games companies can thrive and grow”.


Video Games Europe serves Europe’s video games industry by representing the interests of Europe’s – and the world’s – most successful, creative and innovative game publishers and developers and ensuring that the value of games is widely understood and that the immersive and engaging experiences they deliver are enjoyed by all. Video Games Europe membership comprises 13 of the largest video game companies and trade associations from 18 countries throughout Europe covering hundreds of other companies. The video games industry is a leading contributor to the Digital Single Market’s agenda of creating growth and jobs in the digital economy. It is the fastest growing sector of the European content industry with a €20 billion revenue in Europe in 2017 and a 18% growth year on year on key markets in Europe. Half of the European population play video games – close to 250 million people.

Ann Becker
Head of Policy & Public Affairs

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