ICDP Welcomes Privacy Shield and Encourages Official Adoption


The Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP), of which Video Games Europe is a member, welcomes the presentation of an updated draft EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Adequacy Decision from the European Commission to Member States as a strong sign of common political commitment to strengthen trans-Atlantic cross-border data flows and provide legal certainty for EU businesses. Once adopted, the Privacy Shield will ensure that data flowing from Europe to the United States is subject to new and strengthened privacy standards which provide a significantly improved framework over the invalidated Safe Harbour agreement. To promote business and to protect consumers, ICDP encourageS Member States to vote for adoption of the Privacy Shield.

Cross-border data flows play a critical role in the modern economy and continue to create jobs and economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic. In today’s global economy, European companies rely on such a continuous cross-border flow of information in order to manage operations efficiently and deliver innovative products and services that users enjoy daily around the world.

The current legal and business uncertainty creates substantial challenges for our industries. In contrast, the Privacy Shield delivers improvements that meet the requirements set out by the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU). These include additional assurances limiting bulk collection of data, improved legal redress mechanisms for EU citizens and a newly established independent Ombudsperson with responsibility to investigate complaints related to government access to data. The framework also includes new and enhanced commercial obligations on companies related to data retention and onward transfer to third parties.

ICDP believes the Privacy Shield offers economic and privacy-related benefits for business and consumers across Europe, and urges to support its rapid adoption to help provide the legal certainly that businesses in Europe require to succeed.

For official documents, legal and economic analysis and industry statements ICDP has created a separate website. Visit it here: http://www.icdp.eu/privacy-shield/