Global industries need a global approach to EU Data regulation: Europe’s video games industry responds to EU GDPR review


Responding to today’s GDPR review Communication by the European Commission, Video Games Europe, representing Europe’s video games industry, welcomes the Commission’s drive to encourage further EU harmonisation of GDPR and its specific support for:

  • Initiatives to reduce fragmentation in the application of GDPR across the EU, in particular in relation to new technologies and innovation
  • Tools clarifying/supporting the application of data protection rules to children
  • A UK adequacy decision for post Brexit free flow of personal data
  • Promotion of joint standards of data sharing between trusted countries

In particular, Video Games Europe is pleased to note that the review highlights the need to resolve Member State differences in the age of child consent in relation to information society services – a problem that presents particular challenges to video games companies as well as to children and parents.

“As with all digital industries, the video games industry is global by nature. Our growth heavily relies on an efficient transfer of data between territories which is indispensable for the success of our sector.

“To realise the full potential of the GDPR, it is important to create a harmonised approach and a European common culture of data protection. Our companies have invested heavily in compliance with the legal requirements of GDPR and the stability of this framework is fundamental to secure confidence and legal certainty in the digital economy. Mechanisms for international transfer of personal data are essential to allow our companies to operate their business worldwide, while guaranteeing protection of individuals' data in an effective and comprehensive manner."

Simon Little, CEO of Video Games Europe

The next review of GDPR will take place in 2024.

Video Games Europe’s feedback to the European Commission on the application of GDPR can be found here.


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