GDPR Comes Into Force Today


Today, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. The GDPR represents the biggest change in EU data privacy law in a generation. It unifies Europe’s fragmented data protection laws by establishing one single set of rules to which companies from inside and outside Europe have to comply. Consumers, on the other hand, will be empowered with more control over their personal data, strengthened rights and greater transparency.

The video games industry has long anticipated this day and sees it as a major step towards the accomplishment of a Digital Single Market that  will drive additional growth in the European economy and create new jobs. Data-related barriers between EU Member States have for too long prevented or hampered many video games companies from innovating, producing, scaling-up or distributing across and beyond our internal market.

“The core principles that underlie the GDPR - accountability, transparency and data minimisation - are not new to our industry”, says Simon Little, Managing Director of Video Games Europe. “Video games companies have always applied strong safeguards to the processing of personally identifiable information and enjoy a longstanding reputation for adhering to the highest consumer and data protection standards, especially where minors are concerned”. Video Games Europe believes that the GDPR is a great opportunity to further reinforce trust and confidence among our users and to develop new innovative services in the future.