‘Games In Schools’ Launches on European Schoolnet Academy


As part of Video Games Europe's Games in Schools project, a new online coursefor teachers will kick off on the 27th of October via the European Schoolnet (EUN) Academy, a platform dedicated to the online professional development of teachers across Europe.

Similar to previous instalments, the Games In Schools course aims to instruct teachers about the potential of games in the context of classroom. The course consists of six modules:

  • Why use computer games?
  • Using games for thematic learning
  • Learning games – what games are out there that will help children learn?
  • What can we learn from games?
  • Designing games
  • Why is it important to teach about games?

Participating teachers will join a large community of teachers from around Europe to exchange views, resolve questions and share experiences. Teachers will learn about various uses for games but will also be challenged to think how their lessons can benefit from interactive technology. Teachers who are interested in signing up for the course, should send an e-mail to .

“Previously limited to around 100 participants per instalment, it will, as part of our “Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs” pledge, now take the shape of a Massive Open Online Course or MOOC”, says Benjamin Hertz from European Schoolnet, “allowing for a much more dynamic and richer exchange of experiences for an unlimited number of participating secondary school teachers. The course mixes new multimedia content (like tutorials and video support materials) and simulation exercises with written documentation and reference materials.”

“In line with the “Opening Up Education” agenda for stimulating high-quality, innovative ways of learning and teaching through new technologies and digital content, the enhanced Games In Schools MOOC will stimulate teacher communities of practice to develop new forms of personalised and problem-solving learning activities”, says Simon Little, managing director of Video Games Europe. “This approach can increase the motivation of students and the efficiency of learning, while addressing the issue of early-school leaving and enhancing the swift adoption of digital skills."

The Games in Schools project – and the cooperation between Video Games Europe and European Schoolnet – started in 2008 with a major study on the use of (commercial) digital games in schools in Europe. This resulted in a robust academic study and a practical Handbook for Teachers, which has since then been translated in 8 languages. In 2012 and 2013, two learning labs on Games In Schools were organised on the eTwinning platform for more than 100 participants each.

The Games In Schools course features as part of a catalogue of courses in the European Schoolnet Academy, which serves as a central hub for online training opportunities for teachers across Europe. The Academy is linked to other EUN projects such as eTwinning, the Future Classroom Lab and inGenious which all run large-scale teacher networks and thereby mutually provide exposure amongst teachers.