EP Showcase: No Games Without Data


On the 11th and 12th of April, Video Games Europe organised a showcase event called No Games Without Data in the European Parliament, hosted by MEPs Axel Voss (EPP) and Victor Negrescu (S&D). The goal of the exhibition was to explain how data plays a fundamental role in video games.

Data experts and game publishers were present to showcase the latest innovations in gaming (virtual reality, new consoles, upcoming titles...) in the central gallery of the Parliament building. The exhibition was accessible all day on April 11th and 12th, with an official opening held on Tuesday the 11th from 18.30 to 19.30h.

More than a dozen Parliament members were given a private tour of the exibition, while many assistants and policy advisors dropped by to play one of the games and listen to our messages.

Feedback during and after the event was overwhelmingly positive. Most people that attended the exhibition stated that this was one of the most interesting events to have taken place in the European Parliament in recent years. The impact of the game demos cannot be underestimated in this respect, while the uncommon fun factor of the exhibition did not prevent the possibility to have serious conversations. Photos shared on social media and word-of-mouth about the demos also increased the traffic to the exhibition space.


Overall, Video Games Europe is happy to conclude that the exhibition left a distinctive impression on attendants due to the creative and appealing format, that the messages about games data were brought to a significant group of policymakers and their teams, and that people were able to see first-hand that the video games industry is a driving force for innovation and growth in the EU.

EP Vice President Evelyn Gebhardt in conversation with Dr. Christian-Henner Hentsch (BIU) and Jürgen Bänsch (Video Games Europe):

MEP Dominique Riquet with Video Games Europe Chairman Philippe Cardon and Emmanuel Martin (SELL):

MEP Axel Voss officially opening the exhibition and experiencing a virtual reality game:

MEP Dan Dalton trying VR with Dr. Jo Twist OBE (Ukie):

The Nintendo Switch appealed to the younger generation (visiting parliament during Easter break):