DigiWorld Summit 2011 Video Games Seminar – 16 & 17th November


As part of the DigiWorld Programme, the DigiWorld Summit is the annual key event of IDATE, aiming to bring the most important actors of the ICT together for 2 days, to discuss the hottest issues that have affected and will affect the digital world.

Every November in Montpellier (France), the DigiWorld Summit provides an opportunity to examine those events that marked the year gone by, and those which will constitute the key challenges for the years ahead.

Part of the DigiWorld Summit, the 10th edition of the DigiWorld Video game seminar on the 17th November will be an opportunity to explore the relationship between gaming devices, access services and content, and how they are evolving in an environment marked by:

  • The emergence of cloud computing,
  • Expectations of new home consoles,
  • The popularity of social gaming,
  • Increasingly compelling cross-platform games.

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DigiWorld Game Seminar 17th November (p11. of the full programme)

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