The European video game industry revenue remains stable at €23.3bn after exceptional increase between 2019 and 2020.

Video games represent one of Europe’s most compelling segments of cultural and creative industries. European revenue remains stable in 2021 after the exceptional increase between 2019 and 2020, owing to video games’ role in helping millions of people stay connected during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Meanwhile, our player base has increased, with women and 45-65-year-olds driving this trend, demonstrating the growing popularity of video games as more people discover the power of play.

  • Revenue in the whole of the EU and the UK is €23.3bn (€17.6bn in the key European markets surveyed by GameTrack (Ipsos))
  • Digital revenue represents 81% of total revenue
  • Smartphones and tablets continue to be the leading devices for digital growth
  • The number of players has increased on all platforms (mobile devices, consoles and PC): 124.8m players (vs 118.3m in 2020)
  • 76% of video game players are over 18 and the average age of a video game player in Europe is 31.3 years old
  • The global esports audience stands at 489 million

Europe is the home of some of the largest trade shows across the world.

Trade shows across Europe allow the video games ecosystem to meet, interact and discuss the latest innovations and trends in games, and to discover and reveal upcoming releases for their licenses.  Europe is the home of many of the largest trade events in the world. Some of the largest trade fairs worldwide are organised on a yearly basis, some of them attracting over 300,000 visitors.